Have you ever thought about hiring programmers offshore to work on your project? Hiring dedciated programmer online has many ups and down. There are many companies offering dedicated resource but unfortunately it is very difficult to find the best company to work for you. So it is best you check for few criterias before employ someone.

Securenext / hire indian programmers From India providing highly professional and customize web design and web development services to companies to develop their business. Our offshore software development outsourcing center in India providing dedicated software/web programmers to work on outsourcing project and provide 24×7 development support to Client. Client directly contact with the developers so there is no time delay on project deployment and client get expected solution at affordable price with superior quality.

Experts From India’s key business areas are ecommerce website solution, offshore software application, custom web development & software consulting. Experts From India produced local expertise with worldwide know-how to offer a global delivery model to our clients. We have a team of 100+ software professionals included PHP developers, ASP programmers, .NET programmers, Java developers, VB developers, Web Designers, Online Marketing Experts and more to server world wide cliently.

Benefits of hiring dedicated developers/programmers:

  • Very proficient in English
  • Monitor progress on daily basis
  • You assign tasks
  • You retain all rights
  • Private label service
  • Communicate using Email and chat
  • Your Job done without salary commitment to In-house employee.
  • No perks/benefits like in-house employee.
  • Relaxation; Tons of obligations while hiring a full-time in-house employee.
  • Your complete involvement and direct control on project
  • 24×7 developement services, works in your Preferred Time Zone

Above points encourage us to provide one-stop solutions to our on-shore customers. Our offshore dedicated development team will customized your business needs and its works like an in-house staff with optimal results and control in software development process. Client can hire dedicated programmer or dedicated staff as per their project requirements and manage our dedicated programmer as a virtual offshore employee.

You can also write or call me to discuss your programming needs.


If you looking to create a custom wordpress theme or do some custom plugins for your wordpress site. please visit wordpress developers at bytask.com

From our website.

We are team of programmers working with Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and ModX open source CMS. Please signup and post your project details, we will get back to you quickly with any additional queries we have. If you like to know more about us please visit http://www.bytask.com/. Our aim is to exceed your expectations all the time by providing quality solutions at affordable rates.

It is Sad watching this video. We did nothing to prevent this even though they are nieghbours and they speak atleast one language we speak in India. Today the elections results are going to be out, many have used the situation to gain political advantage to win votes but these people are still dying every day. We have failed them ultimately. Our govt failed them ultimately.

Some of these are movie names or fantasy or science fictions except the last one. Pranav mistry. This is real now. Watch the video and see yourself where Pravan mistry is taking the world.

benchondemand-logoAfter Securenext & AllquickFix success we are now trying to get up with professional web development, everyone ask us why we want to try another web site / business with same model as Securenext or AllquickFix. We are going to dedicate Benchondemand.com exclusive for monthly resource types. Companies can hire our PHP programmer, ASP programmer or .NET Programmers to work on database web development / dynamic web development using BOD. 

BOD will provide senior level web developers at very affordable rates. Companies, Individuals, Entrepreneurs and web design firms can use our monthly programmer resource to develop or maintain websites or their client websites. Bench on demand will have programmers with wide knowledge in Open source programming and frameworks, which will help client project, get started very quickly and save cost for them. 

Please visit benchondemand.com to request more information or Request A Call back. to speak with anyone of us. You can also download our Company profile here 

We are online in these chat networks to get connected quickly.

MSN: talk@benchondemand.com
Skype: benchondemand
Yahoo: benchondemand
GTalk: benchondemand


Sunday,  08 Feb 2009, we are blessed with a Girl baby. 8th Feb became the most important date in my life. We entered the new office in same day some two years back and now the same day i am happy again to see my first baby to venture this world.

We named her Samyuktha, it means “union of all virtues”  or Union or United, This name was long time back suggested by my friend and everyone liked it very much.

Apart from this good news lot is happening in my professional life, i can’t say whether it is Good or Bad i am only happy that i am doing this at this time and god has given me full power to handle this.

Thanks…. more to come.

2008 ends and 2009 starts why there has to be an end to everything? from life to career there is end but another starts immediately. I don’t know why i got up with this thought today morning, but it is good atleast now i am thinking.

I was browsing some random websites and came across this


Fear is the path to darkside
Fear leads to greed
Greed leads to unauthenticity
Inauthenticity leads to Suffering

I can very well associate the above said things happening in my life now, are they outcome of my fear or others fear? why it is happening now? does that really needs an end? that means i am heading to a new start?

Checkout this gallery from indiashines.com of Parvathy Omanakuttan who came second in the contest, I think she is not photo genic but i am happy atleast she came second.

First, i like to thank the previous year 2008. It has been bit rough for me with a new marriage, new office , new venture but it has beeen very productive year with less profit but lot of investments made in knowledge building and infrastructure.

2009 gives us a great start with launch of indiashines.com and indiafreelance.com, with this we are floating a new ventures called India Web  Ventures.

The team we have in Securenext and India ventures are really great and the feedback we received from everyone including our clients and community members helped us reach this milestone.  Please visit http://www.indiashines.com and you can send us some feedback :) We are also becoming a company to bring any entrepreneurial ideas to live at lower development and maintenance cost. we learned this through our own experience and we are ready to use the same for our client project.

Happy new year to all Friends, Colleagues & Clients.


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